PAC Launches Smear Campaign

Atlantic Beach's City election just reached a new low when a Tallahassee PAC that supports Mayor Reeves sent a ugly flyer to citizens regarding his opponent. The flyer was intended to disparage Ellen Glasser's character by using blatant lies and rumors. Such kind of messaging would be expected in a tabloid but it has has no business being part of a small town election.

Our mayor appears to have the support of several PACs that have directly contributed to his campaign.  Listed on Mr. Reeves Treasure Reports are the following PACs: Community for Economic Development Group, Advocates for Business Growth, Florida Conservative Alliance, and Realtors Political Advocacy Committee. 

Other PACs have ponied up money to pay for several flyers. The flyer, "What is Ellen Glasser Hiding?", is funded by First Coast United. Other campaign flyers and are funded by Build Something That Lasts and Jax Biz PC.  Jax Biz PC has also placed an ad in the Beaches Leader.

Ellen Glasser's campaign has received no PAC money. Her Treasure Reports show individual contributions.

With Mitch Reeves receiving so much money from special interest groups that are primarily from developers and builders, it begs the question, who is he representing? Although he states that our citizens come first, receiving so much money from outside interest tells a different story.



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  • Susanne Barker
    commented 2017-08-26 08:45:45 -0400
    Toni VanOrman What astounds me is how overt this “pay for play” is in our small town. I do expect it in Jacksonville politics but this is a new deal here in Atlantic Beach. It started with Mitch Reeves last minute smear campaign against Carolyn Woods. I don’t believe big money should be influencing our city’s election.
  • Toni VanOrman
    commented 2017-08-25 20:56:06 -0400
    Are you really surprised by this? Outsiders have always tried to control local beaches elections. Downtown Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and other beach politicians will always help the “good old boys”.

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