Mayor Reeves Threatens Citizen

Our Mayor on his current re-election flyer pledges to "treat all citizens with respect and dignity." Voters wishing to take the mayor at his word shoud take a look at the Offense Incident Report file #16-10938.

This report details Mayor Reeves interaction with an Atlantic Beach woman. After she had made remarks at the April 25, 2016 Commission Meeting concerning the development on Aquatic Drive and the ceding of public land to a developer, Mayor Reeves called her and threatened her job stating he would call her employer and would say bad things about her. On the call Mayor Reeves accused her of lying about him to the local paper and other individuals. His tone was belligerent and he ended the conversation by saying that she should not worry about the development issues in the city and that she should "only worry about her street".

While having a drink at the Royal Palm Wine and Tapas, Mayor Reeves approached her and began accusing her of lying about him. He also questioned her use of her employers emailing system as well as confronting her about the letters she had published in the media and the issues she had with the city. At this point Mayor Reeve's wife came up and escorted him back to their table.

Soon after this, Mayor Reeves came back to her table and repeated his accusations and then he said: "All this won't matter when you're dead."  As he was walking away he said: "We know where we stand now!"

The police interviewed Mayor Reeves by phone. Mayor Reeves stated that his phone call was in response to an email she had sent to the commission and copied the media. He said his intent was to ask why she would post the email and not come and talk to him or the commission firs. He said at the Royal Palms Wine and Tapas he did engage her in converation about updates to the problems on Aquatic Dr.

The police investigator then advised Mayor Reeves that the woman did not want him to contact her and for him not to contact her employer. Mayor Reeves was advised that further contacts of this nature could be grounds for stalking and criminal charges or an injunction brought against him. Mayor Reeves stated that he understood.

For the first page of the Offense Incident Report click here.

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