Mayor Reeves PACS

There are two PACS that gave money directly to our mayor.  Advocates for Business Growth and Committee for Economic Development both are run by T.R. Hainline and both donated $500.

What is very troubling about this is that T.R. Hainline was Gate's attorney. Currently Mr. Hainline is also the attorney for a client negotiating the purchase of Johnston Island with our mayor.

For the Advocates for Business Growth documents click here

For the Committee for Economic Development click here

Other PACS have funded mailers. Most notable is First Coast United. It was founded in March this year. It shows the chairperson as Dave Merrill and Noreen Fenner as treasurer. Dave Merrill is CEO of CoventBridge Group LLC that  "is a full service investigation company providing: Surveillance, SIU and Compliance, Claims Investigation, Counter-Fraud Programs, Desktop Investigations, Social Media, Record Retrieval, Canvasses and Vendor Management programs." He lives in Ocean Walk and has contributed $2,000 to the PAC. Other large contributors include: Advanced Disposal $2,500; Thomas Petway $2,500; Ponte Vedra Club Rlty, Inc $1,000; GL National Petroleum $1,000; Durban Creek Nation Petroleum $1,000; and Atillio Cerqueria Seafood Company $750.

What is also striking is the uncanny resemblance Noreen Fenner has to the Mitch Reeves sign stealer recorded on video. See her picture here.

For First Coast United contribution documents click here.  For their organization document click here.


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