What is the cost of keeping Atlantic Beach a small city by the sea?

​A lot has been changing in our small town. Have you noticed the huge empty space that next to the Diner where Gate intends to build their future “automotive with service” station? With the shopping center building bulldozed down, we now can see the enormity of Gate’s plans. Picture all fourteen fueling positions and the 6,400 convenience store. This will be the biggest store Gate has ever built and its footprint is as big as the Berkshire Hathaway building down the street at Atlantic Blvd and Sherry Dr.

Is this what we want for Atlantic Beach? Is it time for residents to throw in the towel and accept this assault on our community?

Atlantic Beach Cares thinks not! Gate will mar our community forever with their plans. Although we lost the quasi-judicial hearing in May there is still a lot that can be done.

We want to fight the 24/7 hours of operation and the possible granting of a liquor license. Gate will apply for a building permit at some point. When a permit is eventually granted, we want to be ready to appeal.  Both of these issues, if we prevail, will hamper Gate’s ability to meet their projected income from this station. With the lack of the expected financial return, Gate would most likely scale down their plans.

We will not give up the fight!  Help us to continue to oppose Gate and to repay our remaining hearing legal cost with your donation. No donation is too small.  Even with a donation of $10 to $20 you can help us preserve our beautiful city.

What is the cost of building a Gate station? About 2.5 million

What is the cost of keeping Atlantic Beach a small city by the sea? Priceless!

Don't let this be part of our city! Donate here.




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